Undergraduate Affairs:

Asst Dean, Undergraduate Svcs: F. Charles Shermeyer
Academic Advisor: Terrie Kalesse
Administrative Assistant III: Michele Brown
Phone: (302) 831-8659
Fax: (302) 831-7399

Academic Advisement

Academic advisement encompasses the development and delivery of information regarding academic programs and how they relate to various career paths. The advisement process may utilize a variety of campus resources and administrative procedures designed to aid students in pursuing their educational goals. Students are responsible for setting their goals, making use of the advisement process, and seeking timely assistance when difficult situations arise.

Undergraduate and graduate engineering students are assigned faculty advisors within their departments. While the advisement needs of graduate students are met almost entirely within their academic departments and the University's Office of Graduate Studies, undergraduate students receive considerable support from the College of Engineering's Office of Undergraduate Affairs. Undergraduate Affairs coordinates the engineering portion of the summer new student orientation program, provides continuing assistance to students throughout the duration of their studies, and conducts the final degree check out for each student in order to identify and remove impediments to graduation.

The Office of Undergraduate Affairs provides support to the engineering departments and faculty advisors. This support includes clarifying academic regulations and interpreting academic progress reports, Advanced Placement Credit, Honors Colloquia, transfer credits, and other transcript information.

Academic Management Tools

Academic Petitions (CURC)

New Student Orientation - Summer 2016

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