College of Engineering eCalc: University of Delaware

Engineering Computer-aided Active Learning Classroom (eCALC)



MATH243-061L KETELAAR (2016-08-30 12:30pm)


Computers Available

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046 Colburn Lab
26 Dell PCs - 52 student capacity


MATH242-060L KATUGAMPOLA (2016-08-30 12:30pm)


Computers Available

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101D Pearson Hall
20 iMacs - 40 student capacity


(Tentative) CISC 481/681 - CARBERRY (2016-09-09 12:00pm)


Computers Available

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010 Spencer Lab
24 Dell PCs - 48 student capacity

Computer Lounges:

2nd & 3rd Floor Spencer Lounges


Computers Unavailable until August 23rd, 2016

2nd & 3rd Floors of Spencer Lab
4 Dell PCs

131 Spencer Collaboration Center


Computers Available

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131 Spencer Lab
8 Dell PCs

eCALC Access

Authorized Personnel

  • All college of engineering faculty, staff and students, all non-engineering faculty, and students taking engineering courses.

Building Access

  • Authorized personnel may enter Evans Hall via UD ID card swipe at the north side handicap accessible entrance.
  • Authorized personnel may enter Spencer Lab via UD ID card swipe at the west side handicap accessible main entrance. Access to Spencer Lab allows access to eCALC-Spencer and eCALC-Colburn.
  • Authorized personnel may access Pearson Hall only between 8am and 10pm.

Room Access

  • During spring and fall semesters, eCALCs are typically used for courses; M-F 8am-9pm.
  • Students may use these rooms when not used for classes or closed for maintenance.
  • Spencer and Colburn rooms are unlocked M-F 8am-6pm. All other times authorized personnel may access the rooms via UD ID card swipe.



  • Report real time classroom issues to Engineering’s Technology team at 302-831-6334.
  • Report equipment/software problems by submitting a request form.



  • In an emergency, call 911.
  • For all non-emergencies, contact the UDPD.

Lost and Found

General eCALC Rules:

  • No food or drinks at any time.
  • Do not use more than one PC at a time.
  • Be conscious of unattended PCs.
  • Tidy your space up after you are done.

About the eCALCs:

  • Please back up your files regularly.
    • The computers reboot after 30 minutes of inactivity.
    • Upon reboot, changes made to the computer are erased and files saved on the hard drive will be deleted.
    • USB ports are located on the monitors for your convenience.
  • CAUTION: Performing research using ecalc software may be in violation of software license agreements. The software packages in the ecalcs are for classwork only.

You are being monitored by video cameras installed in our computer labs and hallways.