Help support UD finalists in Engineering video challenge

Why is Engineering Important

Members of the UD engineering community have been awarded a finalist spot in a National Academy of Engineering (NAE) video challenge.

A submission entitled, "Why is Enginering Important?" is now in the running for the People's Choice Award in the NAE Engineering For You (E4U) Contest. If successful, the winners will take home a $5,000 award.

Contest entrants were asked to create short clips showcasing engineering contributions that have enhanced the well-being of society in the last 50 years or the endless possibilities of what engineers will create over the next 50 years. The emphasis of 50 years coincided with the 50th anniversary of the NAE this year.

The support of Blue Hen fans will be critical for the production’s success, as the winner of the People's Choice Award will be based solely on the number of ‘likes’ the video has acquired on YouTube.

As YouTube is not supported by the University’s GoogleApps, voters must use their personal GMail accounts to vote. Login to your personal GMail, an account ending in, and visit the link below; by clicking the "thumbs up" below the video, you cast your 'like' vote for UD's video.

The direct link is:

The winner of the People's Choice Award will be determined by the amount of “thumbs up” acquired by 12:00 PM on September 1, 2014, so spread the word — through social media, email or other venues — and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to vote too!

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