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Distance Education

Updated 3/3/2016

  • The list of graduate level engineering courses already produced in one or more distance formats (web-streamed, CD-ROM, DVD) continues to grow! Those distance courses being supported are listed each semester as “DISTANCE” on the Engineering Outreach Graduate Course Schedule
  • Take individual courses simply to expand your knowledge. Professional Engineering Outreach will work with you to make certain you have the proper prerequisite background to benefit from the courses you select.
  • Graduate Certificate in Composite Materials – Designed for engineering and science professionals who are new to the field of composite materials or wish to expand their knowledge of composite materials, the certificate requires completion of three graduate courses (9 credits), all of which are transferable to graduate programs in mechanical engineering or materials science.
  • Graduate Certificate in Railroad Engineering - Designed for engineering professionals working in the area of railroad engineering or for those desiring to expand their knowledge of railroad engineering and related engineering disciplines, the certificate requires completion of three graduate courses (9 credits), all of which are transferable to the graduate degree programs in civil engineering.
  • Master of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering (MSECE) – This 30-credit non-thesis program can be earned entirely through distance courses.

IMPORTANT NOTES for those non-Delaware residents planning to enroll in UD's distance learning (credit) opportunitites:

Although the University of Delaware is authorized to provide credit-bearing distance education in many states, and is actively pursuing approval to provide its distance learning courses and programs in other jurisdictions, we must remain in compliance with recent federal legislation regarding distance education. Therefore, students residing in states that are not listed on this page are not permitted to enroll in or be admitted to a University of Delaware online course or program. 

This policy does not pertain to:

  • Out-of-state matriculated students who complete the majority of their coursework on the University of Delaware's Newark campus
  • Noncredit online programs


How To Begin:

  1. If you wish to pursue a graduate degree (MSECE) available through distance learning, we strongly recommend that you take some (up to 3 total) UD distance courses prior to applying to the degree program. This gives you the opportunity to prove that this is the right program and format for you, and performing well in those courses (B or better) will enhance your graduate application package.
  2. Review the schedule of distance-formatted graduate courses available in the semester you are targeting. (If you do not see a course in which you are interested, contact to let them know your course interest.
  3. IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST UD GRADUATE COURSE, follow the steps for registering for credit-bearing courses, including completion of the Engineering Outreach Course Pre-Application that is used by Outreach staff to obtain permission for you to register in the class. If there are any questions regarding your background, Outreach will contact you to discuss those concerns. We do not want you to take a course for which you are not prepared to succeed! IF YOU HAVE TAKEN UD GRADUATE COURSES PREVIOUSLY, contact directly, letting Outreach staff know what course you are interested in taking so that permission can be determined and we can get you registered.
  4. If you are too far from the Newark Campus to take exams here, then you will need to identify someone at your company worksite - typically this is a company education coordinator, Human Resources personnel, a work manager, etc. - who agrees to proctor exams. Provide that person's contact information to the Professional Engineering Outreach office, who will coordinate with your course faculty and worksite proctor. Contact Engineering Outreach with any questions. (302-831-4863/8302)


Once you have been approved for the course of your choice and we have registered you for it in the UD system, you will need to set up your udel user name and password. Outreach staff will then walk you through getting access to your distance course lectures.

Here is where your self-discipline must kick in! Following the syllabus and balancing that with your work schedule, you will watch the lectures on your own time. Distance courses provide flexibility in that regard; however, you must pace yourself to complete the course by the end of the semester.

Be sure to contact the professor by e-mail, phone, or fax regarding any questions about the course lectures.

E-mail or fax (302-831-1468) your homework to Professional Engineering Outreach, where it will be logged in and passed to the professor.

When you are about a week away from being ready to take an exam, contact Engineering Outreach and confirm your proctor information (e-mail, phone, and fax). Outreach staff will then get the exam to your proctor.

Additional information will be provided by the individual faculty, usually through a Sakai course website, to which you will have access on the first day of the semester.

Engineering Licensing Exam Review Courses and Short Courses (eligible for CEUs) in Distance Formats (DVD or web-based)

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