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Administrative Assistant: Nadine Neiger
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Part-time Graduate Studies

What are your part-time graduate educational needs? Let us know.
Join us on August 17, 2015, 5:30-7 pm, for a PEO Information & Networking Event! (click for details)

Check out this interview with one of our part-time graduate students, Joe Deroba, Army Research Lab employee pursuing a PhD in ECE!
Another part-time PhD student is Gerhard Wittreich, P.E., pursuing his graduate studies in chemical engineering while employed by DuPont/Chemours. Gerhard says: "I am clearly still enjoying my studies and am thriving at the University of Delaware."
You, too, can benefit from the outstanding graduate opportunities here at UD!

Anyone interested in taking individual graduate credit-bearing courses (on campus, at selected worksites, or in distance format), pursuing a graduate engineering degree on a part-time basis, pursuing a dual degree to simultaneously earn an engineering master's degree and the MBA, or participating in specialized short courses should contact the Engineering Outreach office.

To register for your FIRST credit-bearing courses, you will be asked to complete an Engineering Outreach Course Pre-Application and to forward an unofficial copy of your transcript(s) to (or fax to 302-831-1468). We will review your transcript and may contact you for further information regarding your educational background and/or work experience to ensure that you have the necessary prerequisites for the desired course(s). If you do not have the necessary prerequisites, other options will be recommended. If you appear to have all necessary prerequisites, we will guide you through the steps of attaining Graduate/Non-Degree Student status and getting registered for your first course (plus will provide you with convenient payment options available only to part-time students). The course(s) that you take in this "graduate non-degree status" will be selected such that, assuming you earn a grade of B or better, they can be applied to your desired degree program if/when you decide to apply and are admitted. (see below)

When choosing subsequent credit courses, you can simply contact or 302-831-4863 to discuss or indicate your choice(s)! Engineering Outreach will take care of the rest for you!

If you are interested in pursuing a master's degree on a part-time basis, Outreach staff will discuss your area of interest and help devise a program which meets the degree requirements and your specific concentration. If undergraduate prerequisites are required, these should be taken prior to taking any graduate level courses; Outreach staff will assist in this scheduling process.

You may take as many courses as desired as a non-degree student through Engineering Outreach. However, a maximum of three courses (9 credits) taken as a non-degree student and in which you earned at least a B may be applied to a relevant degree program.

Participation in Engineering Outreach does not guarantee admission to a master's degree program. However, the advisement provided through Outreach can enhance the probability of admission. Degree program applicants must follow the admission process administered by the Office of Graduate Studies. This will include submission of GRE scores, with minimums for combined quantitative and verbal scores set by each engineering department. Please refer to the desired department's web page for further information. (See links at the top of this page.) A new MS in Software Engineering is also available and can be pursued on a part-time basis. Please contact Engineering Outreach for more information!

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