Engineering Outreach
Director: Kathy Werrell
Outreach Specialist: Louise Bank
Administrative Assistant: Nadine Neiger
Phone: (302) 831-8302
Fax: (302) 831-1468

Engineering Outreach


The dynamic and competitive nature of engineering demands that today's engineering professionals invest in keeping skills current or developing completely new engineering and business competencies. Various states have instituted professional development hour requirements for renewal of the professional engineer license as well. The Engineering Outreach Program at the University of Delaware offers a variety of resources to make such technical renewal convenient and accessible.

Scheduling of graduate engineering courses at "professionally convenient" times on the Newark campus and/or in various distance formats (web-based or DVD) is an important feature of Professional ngineering Outreach. When appropriate, arrangements are also made to deliver courses to company worksites. Students can choose courses in five different engineering disciplines: biomedical, chemical & biomolecular, civil & environmental, electrical & computer, materials science and mechanical engineering, as well as in computer & information sciences and bioinformatics. Graduate certificate programs, the courses from which can be applied to a graduate engineering degree program, are also available. In addition, dual degree programs are available, allowing you to earn an engineering master's degree in your chosen discipline plus an MBA, such that 15 of your engineering master's program credits will double-count as technical electives in the MBA program. Therefore, you will graduate with two master's degrees after completing 63 credits (instead of the normal 78 credits if you pursued the engineering and business master's programs separately). Within the chosen discipline, a program is designed to fit the student's area of interest; for example, environmental engineering is a popular concentration in both the civil and chemical & biomolecular engineering disciplines. Taught by the College's renowned engineering faculty, the courses attract practicing engineers from leading corporations, as well as full-time graduate students, thus providing a dynamic classroom environment for the exchange of ideas and information. Some specialized courses are developed and taught by area engineers who are recognized leaders in their respective fields.

A high priority of the Outreach staff is providing the necessary advisement for part-time students to reach their educational goals in the most effective and efficient way. Eligibility to enroll in individual courses is determined by the course instructor based on the individual's background and academic record. Students do not need to be formally admitted to a graduate engineering degree program prior to benefiting from such advisement and enrolling in courses. They may take individual courses or apply them toward a traditional or non-thesis engineering graduate program, available in each of the engineering disciplines listed above. New professional degree programs and certificate programs are under development. Contact Professional Engineering Outreach for further information.

Outreach staff work with leaders of the engineering community to develop non-credit short courses to address specific needs as well as leading-edge technology conferences.

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