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Master of Engineering, Mechanical (MEM)

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This non-thesis master’s program in mechanical engineering comprises 30 credits of coursework including core required courses and electives. The courses listed below, applicable to the degree program, are available in a distance format. We recommend that you begin by taking at least one of these courses prior to submitting your graduate application. You may find that you can handle two courses/semester, but experience shows this is not the way to start! Taking courses in non-degree status allows you to evaluate for yourself whether this is the right time and format for you to pursue graduate education, and, of course, doing well (B or better) in these initial courses will enhance your graduate application. You may apply to the degree program up to three courses (9 credits) taken in non-degree status.


MEEG610 Intermediate Solid Mechanics (MEEG813 can be
substituted for this)
MEEG620 Intermediate Dynamics
MEEG630 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
MEEG640 Intermediate Thermodynamics
MEEG690 Intermediate Engineering Mathematics


MEEG616 Composite Materials Structures
MEEG642 Introduction to Fuel Cells
MEEG655 Principles of Composites Manufacturing
MEEG811 Sandwich Structures
MEEG816 Advanced Continuum Mechanics
MEEG817 Composite Materials
MEEG818 Plates & Shells in Aerospace Structures I
MEEG819 Plates & Shells in Aerospace Structures II
MEEG891 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
CIEG611 Structural Dynamics Design
CIEG612 Advanced Mechanics of Materials
ELEG622 Electronic Materials Processing
MSEG823 Transmission Electron Microscopy in Materials Science

(NOTE: Additional courses are being made available in distance format each year.)

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