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PE Exam Review

Updated August 19, 2016

Prepare for the Chemical Engineering PE Exam

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Registration for distance-formatted review course is accepted at any time. Distance format courses are self-study and do not have a registration deadline.

NOTE: Our PE review courses in civil and environmental engineering, while still containing valid engineering content in line with the NCEES exam criteria, discuss problems related to older editions of the Lindeburg Reference Manual textbook. The recorded lectures and notes therefore may not align perfectly with the text book pages. Therefore, we will be re-doing these courses at a future date with the updated textbook.

"John Richards [instructor for the chemical engineering PE review course] has an extraordinary depth of knowledge in every aspect of chemical engineering. He is also very approachable and explains the material extremely well."

James Kidd, P.E.
U.S. Army Research Laboratory

NOTE that the Civil and Environmental Engineering PE Review Courses were recorded prior to the publication of the third edition of the Michael Lindeburg Reference Manual, which is currently the only edition available for purchase. Therefore, until the course is re-recorded for the Spring 2017 exam, we will not be offering the Civil or Environmental Engineering PE Review Courses. Stay tuned!

Registration Fee $975
Required notes for the chemical will be made available for all registrants to download (free). Alternately, the required notes can be shipped to you for a separate fee to cover the cost of printing, assembly and domestic shipping. ** $195
If you would like to receive DVD-ROM in addition to the on-line access to the ChE review course, due to the cost of processing/shipping, there will be an additional charge. Also, please note that, due to copyright rules, the DVDs must be returned to us after you take the PE exam. $75

**The only "textbook" for the PE review course in chemical engineering consists of the (very large!!) notebook of instructor-prepared materials.

Copyright requires that all DVDs be returned to Engineering Outreach two weeks after the exam. The web site for the recorded course (recorded after the most recent NCEES exam updates) will be available for one year (two exam cycles) upon receipt of full registration.

Students must call the office of the Delaware Association of Professional Engineers (302-323-4588) or the licensing organization in their state to request an application for the exam. Note that there are some variations from state to state, but the date of the exam and the exam itself are the same nationally. Be sure to verify with your state licensing organization who is managing the exam proctoring what all the criteria are for (1) approval to take the exam and (2) what materials you can bring into the exam room (e.g., hand-written notes - do they need to be in ink or can they be in pencil?) We have learned that, in Delaware, handwritten notations on materials brought into the testing room may not be in pencil. (From the NCEES web site: "All exams are open book. PE Civil, PE Structural I, PE Structural II examinees must bring their own copies of the applicable design standards. Rules may vary for each jurisdiction. Please contact your licensing board for more details.")

PE Review Orientation is done within each review class.

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering DISTANCE ONLY - ON-LINE (DVD-ROM format available upon request; $75 additional charge)

For more information, contact EO Director Kathy Werrell at (302) 831-4863 or by e-mail.

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