College of Engineering Policy for Buy-out of Instructional Time

You may download a copy of this policy by clicking here

Faculty in Engineering are all on administered loads. Faculty members on a nine-month appointment generally teach fewer than four courses each semester, with the remainder of their workloads being composed of research and service obligations. The faculty member and their department chair negotiate this workload annually.

However, in some cases it may be possible and appropriate for a faculty member to further reduce their teaching load by ‘buying out’ of a course. Because the instructional time of our regular faculty is highly valued, appropriate compensation must be provided for the loss of instructional contributions. Faculty members wishing to buy out of course teaching responsibilities should realize that:

  1. A one-course reduction requires payment of 12.5% of the faculty member’s nine month salary plus fringes.
  2. Reductions of more than one course per year are unusual. Requests will vary by department and should be made through the Department Chair to the Dean.

The funds provided for release time will revert to the College of Engineering. The Department Chair and Dean will allocate these funds for appropriate purposes.

Requests for exceptions to this policy should be made through the Department Chair to the Dean.

PLEASE NOTE: This policy does not change existing workload policies of units. It is a policy to clarify pricing, and as such is intended to reflect the cost of instructional time.

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