Guidelines for Secondary Appointments
to Faculty Rank in the College of Engineering

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In the College of Engineering it may be appropriate to recognize the contributions of research staff members to the execution of our research programs by providing for them a secondary appointment at the appropriate faculty rank (assistant, associate, or full professor). Although these are secondary appointments, they are appointments to faculty rank and as such must be approved by the faculty, chair, and dean. Holders of part-time and secondary faculty appointments are not eligible for tenure. The criteria for appointment to these positions should closely match the criteria for appointment to the equivalent tenured or tenure-track rank. These appointments will be reviewed by the departmental promotion and tenure committee every two years.

There is no further stipulation attached to the formal designation within the University of Delaware system. In other words, the secondary title will be either assistant, associate, or full professor. Within the College of Engineering, the appointment letter for these individuals will indicate that the obligation of the secondary appointment is entirely related to research.

The responsibilities of individuals with such secondary appointments will be appropriately decided by each department, and a consistent policy should be developed and implemented. Elements of this policy should address space, the advisement of students, and any limits on the solicitation and administration of independent research funds. In particular, the title ‘Research Associate’ denotes a professional, and as such current OVPR policies allow them to be Principal Investigators on grants or contracts. Such policies must be developed and accepted by the faculty, chair, and dean before any appointments are approved.

30 May 2003

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