Student Machine Shop:

Supervisor: Scott Nelson
104 Spencer Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-2817
Fax: (302) 831-6627

Operating Procedures for the Student Machine Shop

The following procedures were adopted Fall, 2002. All students are required to complete the procedures described below before they will be permitted to work in the shop.

Shop Training

Anyone wishing to use Student Shop facilities is required to attend a Basic Shop Safety Demo and then pass the Basic Shop Safety Quiz with a grade of 100%. To continue using the shop, one must pass an updated version of the quiz every September. It is not necessary to attend the Basic Shop Safety Demo more than once.
Anyone wishing to use specialized machines in the shop such as milling machines, lathes and welding machines is required to take training specific to those machines. Contact the Shop Supervisor to arrange for this training.


A master list of students who have completed the Basic Shop Safety Demo and the various Equipment Demos will be maintained by the shop supervisor. This list will reside in the office in 104 and will be accessible to faculty and staff. This list will also serve as the means to document and communicate special circumstances (e.g. a student has been removed from the shop for unsafe operation of a machine, and is not permitted in the shop until the issue has been resolved)

Shop Drawings

To work in the student shop, every student is required to have a drawing signed by their supervisor, instructor, or advisor. All drawings must follow the format and content requirements defined for the Student Shop. The shop supervisor has the authority to instruct a student to make changes to any drawing that does not meet the drawing requirements – a request to improve/modify a drawing can be made by the supervisor prior to the start of work or after work has begun.

Any questions should be submitted directly to the Shop Supervisor, Scott Nelson.

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