UD's Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE) program prepares students for a professional career as a practicing software engineer. Graduates can expect to have expanded career options and responsibilities involving any or all aspects of software engineering. A key feature is the flexibility the program offers, with student-chosen specializations as well as the option of creating a customized track to fit specific work/career responsibilities. Moreover, degree completion includes a practicum experience tailored to the student's technical interests, enabling the student to use creative and critical thinking skills while contributing to a problem-solving software engineering team in a real-life setting.

As graduates of the MSSE program, students should be able to successfully:

  • Plan and manage a large software project, including scheduling, effort estimation, risk management, project personnel and organization, software configuration management, and project control.
  • Design large, complex software applications using principles of good design, software architecture and architectural notations and languages.
  • Utilize rigorous methods to elicit, analyze, and specify requirements of a software system.
  • Apply formal verification approaches to show that a computer application meets its specification, using state-of-the-art verification tools.
  • Identify and apply appropriate state-of-the-art test case generation, test oracles, test coverage analysis, and regression testing techniques to systematically expose faults in software, particularly throughout maintenance.
  • Use creative and critical thinking skills to contribute to a problem-solving software engineering team in a real-life setting.