CISC/CPEG 691 - MSSE Practicum


The goal of the MSSE Practicum is to let students gain practical experience to complement what they've learned in the core MSSE courses. The practicum must therefore be taken once the student has completed or is about to complete the core courses. The student must be registered for CISC/CPEG 691 the semester of taking the practicum.

The student can choose between two options: (1) Practical and (2) Research. Either type of project can be carried out at a company that develops software as part of a student's regular work or an internship or at the University of Delaware.

Practical Practicum

The student will work together in a team of at least two. The team will be responsible to follow a software engineering process to develop a software system for a client. The student is responsible for finding a team member as well as a client (faculty members may assist in the process). The client can be outside of within the University. The project includes everything from eliciting requirements, to designing, developing, and testing the system, as well as handing it over to the client with the appropriate documentation.

The students will produce several deliverables throughout the semester, including requirements specifications, design, code, test results, and finally a working system.

The students will be graded on their performance in each deliverable as well as the final system. Students' ability to work in teams and with clients as well as project management will also be considered.

Research Practicum

The student will work individually or as part of a research group on an approved research project. The student is responsible for finding a faculty member to advise them on the research project. The student and faculty should meet several times during the semester to discuss the research. The goal of the research practicum is for the student to make a contribution to the research field of Software Engineering.

The deliverable can be a software tool, experiments, etc. in addition to a research paper.

The student will be graded on their performance on deliverables along the way, the final research paper, as well as project management.


In order to have a successful practicum, the project must be in order before the semester starts, it is therefore crucial to start the process early.

The student must register for CISC/CPEG 691. Prior to registering for the course, the student must write a project description, submit it to his/her MSSE adviser, and await approval from the MSSE committee. When registering for the course, the student must select a faculty member from the MSSE faculty, who will be their practicum adviser and who will be responsible for grading the project.


  • Contact MSSE adviser to discuss practicum project.
  • Find a company, faculty, or other UD entity to be the client.
  • Find team members if selecting the practical option.
  • Write a project description and submit it to MSSE adviser.
  • MSSE adviser shares the project description with MSSE committee.
  • MSSE committee either approves the project or requests changes to the description prior to approval.
  • Upon approval, register for CISC/CPEG 691.