Academic Affairs:

Academic Advisor: Terrie Kalesse
Phone: (302) 831-0836
Fax: (302) 831-7399

Linux Users Group (LUG)

The Linux Users Group (LUG) - We are a group of technology and open-source software enthusiasts who live in the small state of Delaware. Much of our group activity revolves around the free and open-source operating system GNU/Linux, but we regularly explore many other technology-related topics. Our group is very welcoming of new members, regardless of your experience with the topics we cover. We all love learning, and love tinkering with new and exciting technologies. Come check us out sometime!

Advisor: Anita Z. Schwartz

President: Jacob T. Heffernan
Vice President: Riley L. Shaw
Secretary: Shane H. O'Neill
Treasurer: Kathryn E. Black  
Infrastructure Assistant: Ian E. Lantzy
LUG Equipment/Infrastructure Administrator: Rodney T. T. McGee

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