Academic Affairs:

Academic Advisor: Terrie Kalesse
Phone: (302) 831-0836
Fax: (302) 831-7399

Materials Research Society (MRS)

MRS@UD is the UD Student Chapter of the Materials Research Society. Our goal is to foster an interactive relationship between industry, students and faculty spanning all sciences and engineering disciplines. We work to provide you with exposure to researchers and expertise outside of your department and research through activities like the interdisciplinary seminar series.

Advisor: Dr. Kristi L. Kiick, Deputy Dean, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Advisor: Dr. S. Ismat Shah, Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

President: Eric Chen
Vice President: Bo Tew
Treasurer: Anitha Ravikrishnan
Secretary: Jee Young Lee
Outreach Officer: Tess Ginley
Assistant Officer: Mike Lloyd
MA Representative: Jimmy Hack
ACS Poly/PMSE Representative: Bryan Sutherland


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