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Application for a Static IP (network) Address

College of Engineering

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  1. Carefully read "The Policy for Responsible Computing" provided on this application.
  2. Carefully read the University's "Code of the Web" policies.
  3. Sign and date the acknowledgment section, which indicates you will abide by the policies you just read.
  4. Provide all applicable information where indicated.

Please fill in the below information:

Equipment Information:
Do NOT connect lab equipment to the network unless you have approval from both the owner of the equipment AND your building's Lab Coordinator. This includes computers which are connected to lab equipment.

Please list your sponsor. Students should list their faculty advisor. Staff obtain authorization from department chairs, directors or managers. Visitors and guests obtain authorization from sponsoring faculty. You can list their full name or email address.

IT Ticket Number: If an IT Help Request has already been entered into our system for this request, and you know the ticket number, please list it below:

Comments/Notes:If you have any other comments/instructions/guidelines/concerns that you have not already conveyed to the IT group within a help ticket request, please add that info below. (Examples: "I don't know my ticket number, but there is one in the system." or "I need an IP address so I can use software package xyz.")

Applicant's acknowledgment: Please type your full name and date below to acknowledge that you have read and understand the Policy for Responsible Computing at the University of Delaware and the UD Code of the Web, and will comply with all applicable policies.