University of Delaware - College of Engineering

Reformat Authorization Form

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Files/Data to be preserved MUST be BACKED UP prior to reformat.

Please fill in your information:

Computer Information:
Please provide the information requested below, to the best of your knowledge, so we can identify which computer you would like us to reformat.

Who is the owner of the data/files on this computer?
The owner will be contacted to approve the reformat and erasure of their data.

Students: This is usually your faculty advisor.
Staff: This is usually your business administrator, department chair or manager.
Visitors/Guests: This is usually your sponsoring faculty.

List the owner's full name or email address.

BACKUP:All files/data to be preserved MUST be backed up up prior to reformatting. This includes files/data other people may have saved, such as members of your research group, your advisor or by prior users of this computer.

If you answered yes above you MUST list the files/data to be preserved below
Examples: browser bookmarks and favorites, Outlook local mail folders, desktop files, documents folder
It is CRITICAL all data/files to be preserved are backed up!
Be as descriptive as possible.
We highly recommend you do your own backup in addition to any COE-IT is asked to backup.

Other Information
If you have any other information or comments that you would like to include then please do so below.

IT Ticket Number
If an IT Help Request has already been entered into our system for this request, and you know the ticket number, please list it below:

Applicant's acknowledgment: Please type your full name and date below to acknowledge that you have read and understand this form and that you authorize the IT group to reformat your computer.