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Chemical and Hazard Purchase Form

The University of Delaware College of Engineering must comply with State and Federal laws that require prior approval to purchase and to use hazardous chemicals. You are required to complete the lookup tables and to answer these questions when ordering hazardous chemicals including embryotoxins, carcinogens, highly corrosives, shock-sensitive, air or water reactive, and high toxicity materials. You are responsible to verify that all Chemical Hygiene requirements are satisfied by signing this chemical order form. Please use this resource to help us reduce research overhead costs by minimizing the bottle volume of chemicals ordered and avoiding bulk chemical orders. Use the MSDS links listed below to help you determine the toxicity ratings, target organ, and routes of entry of chemicals and to select appropriate protective equipment. This form is directed to your Advisor, Principal Investigator or Chemical and Hazardous Materials Approver for approval; incomplete forms are returned to you for more information. Please attach the completed form to the chemical MSDS and include it in your process Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

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INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the following section for ALL requests for chemical purhcases

Chemical Description & Item Number Health (0-4) Fire (0-4) Reactivity (0-4) Special Hazards (A,B,C,D,N/A)

Hazard Level Table

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